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The New York Times Review: Songs Say What a Family Can’t in ‘Sundown, Yellow Moon’

“To love is to worry in “Sundown, Yellow Moon,” Rachel Bonds’s quietly perceptive portrait of a family in simmering crisis at the McGinn/Cazale Theater. The characters in this beautifully acted production from Ars Nova and WP Theater, directed with probing sensitivity by Anne Kauffman, are united by a web of mutual concern that is as exasperating as it is reassuring.

When a father and his grown daughter bid good night to each other in an insomniac haze, this is their exchange of endearments: “I’m worried about you”; “I’m worried about you, too.” There’s a competitive passive aggression in their solicitude, and plenty of ego within their altruism. That doesn’t make their shared affection any less deep or genuine…” Read more

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What audiences are saying about Sundown, Yellow Moon…

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Playbill News: Cast Announced for “Sundown, Yellow Moon”!

Lilli Cooper and Anne L. Nathan (© David Gordon)

The world premiere of the night-time play with songs, SUNDOWN, YELLOW MOON casting and creative teams have been announced on Playbill! You don’t want to miss the real, honest, funny and sad play about seeing old faces with new eyes, and the liminal space between loss and letting go.

“The cast includes Eboni Booth (Revolt. She Said. Revolt Again.), Lilli Cooper (The Spongebob Musical), Peter Friedman (Synecdoche, New YorkThe Savages), Greg Keller (Our Mother’s Brief Affair), Anne L. Nathan (It Shoulda Been You), Michael Pemberton (Veep), and JD Taylor….” Click here for more information!

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LISTEN! The Bengsons

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Sustained Excellence of Direction

“Every play is a world all its own, and every new play is a world that a director has to explore, map, and sometimes shape. It takes resolve and patience; it takes an imagination that must build on the playwright’s vision, knowing when to trust and when to challenge. It takes an open mind and a sturdy, daring spirit. For displaying that spirit, in many seasons past, and this year with productions like Buzzer, The Nether, and You Got Older, the judges have voted an Obie for Sustained Excellence of Direction to ANNE KAUFFMAN” – Tommy Tune

ANNE KAUFFMAN to direct the world premiere of SUNDOWN, YELLOW MOON by Rachel Bonds at WP Theater.

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