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WEEK 2: March 31 – April 2


Not every fairy tale has sunshine.

By Monet Hurst-Mendoza
Directed by Sarah Krohn
Produced by Kristen Luciani

Starring Dahlia AzamaPurva Bedi, Tommy Crawford, Dariush KashaniMatthew Van Oss

16-year old Dima has a rare skin allergy that compels her to hide behind her mother’s old burqa. Her parents worry she’s lonely and wish they could give her the perfect American upbringing they imagined when they left Afghanistan. But they don’t know about Dima’s secret friends: Elliot, a self-described beatnik who spends his days hawking poems on the street corner below her window, and a talking nurse shark named Speedo. With a little encouragement from her fairy god-shark, Dima and Elliot’s relationship begins to blossom–but can Dima really expect a happy ending? #VeildPlay



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