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Virginia Woolf

(Playwright)began writing professionally in 1905, initially for the Times Literary Supplement with a journalisticpiece aboutHaworth, home of the Brontë family. Her first novel, The Voyage Out, was published in 1915 by Gerald Duckworth and Company Ltd. Novels: The Voyage Out (1915); Night and Day (1919);  Jacob’s Room (1922); Mrs. Dalloway (1925); To the Lighthouse (1927); Orlando: A Biography (1928); The Waves (1931); The Years (1937); Between the Acts (1941). Short story collections:  Monday or Tuesday (1921); A Haunted House and Other Short Stories (1943).  Selected Non-fiction: Modern Fiction (1919); A Room of One’s Own (1929); On Being Ill (1930); The London Scene (1931). Plays: Freshwater (1923, rev. 1935). Other: Participated in Dreadnought hoax dressed as a male Abyssinian royalty. Founding member of the intellectual circle Bloomsbury Group. Studied at King’s College London. Recognized as a major lyrical novelist in the English language. Novels are highly experimental: a mundane narrative, refracted—and sometimes almost dissolved—in the characters’ consciousness that creates a world bursting with auditory and visual impressions. Special thanks to Leonard and Mitzi.

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