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Sara C. Walsh

(Scenic Design) Sara designed JAM on Toast for New Georges last year! Previous other designs include: Get Mad at Sin! with Andrew Dinwiddie and Jeff Larson (The Chocolate Factory, The San Diego Museum of Art), Confidence Man with the Woodshed Collective, Faye Driscoll’s You’re Me (The Kitchen, UCLA, Institute of Contemporary Art Boston), There Is So Much Mad in Me (Dance Theatre Workshop), and 837 Venice Blvd. (HERE Arts Center – Bessie Award Winner). She was Head of Design for Queen of the Night. This year Sara will be designing and performing in The Kioskers, a suitcase band show of astounding proportions. Written by Scott Adkins, directed by Meghan Finn with music by the sublime Alaina Ferris. Next up: Social Security by Christina Masciotti directed by Paul Lazar at the Bushwick Starr. www.saracwalsh.com

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