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A Note from playwright, Rehana Lew Mirza, 3/14/19:

Last night we heard the news about the mosque shootings in New Zealand, and we were up all night overwhelmed with grief for the victims. My husband Mike and I had a long conversation about what we can do in the face of acts of hatred – and what role, if any, art can play in opening people’s hearts. I’ve been working my whole life to try to combat the “othering” of Muslims through my work, and when tragic events like this happen, you feel so helpless, and at a loss. I wish I could do more – more to create a safe space for people, more to combat hate and pain and suffering. I read that the first man who was shot greeted the gunman with, “Welcome, brother.” It was his last words, said with an open heart. I can only hope we all have open hearts, as we continue to take a stand against intolerance everywhere. The mosque is meant to be that safe space for community, the place to come together, to discuss what is happening in the world. For me, that’s the theater. And specifically for “Hatef**k” – to those who are yearning to see the good in Islam, who are hoping to learn more, feel more, be inspired more to actively rise up against hate… welcome.


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