Monica Bill Barnes & Company’s “One Night Only (running as long as we can)”

September 9-October 8

World Premiere

a co-production with Monica Bill Barnes & Company
in association with New Neighborhood
created by Monica Bill Barnes, Anna Bass and Robert Saenz de Viteri
choreographed by Monica Bill Barnes
designed by Jane Cox and Kelly Hanson 

“Unapologetically human and refreshingly relatable!” –The New York Times

“One of the funniest evenings of dance I’ve ever seen!” –The Washington Post

Tonight the clock is running… and so are they! Longtime performing partners Monica Bill Barnes and Anna Bass will leave it all on the field in this world premiere production. It’s got just as much heart (and potential for failure!) as last year’s World Series, except there are no balls, no bats, and it’s only 63 minutes long.  Everyday movements will be taken to monumental new heights as Barnes and Bass summon a night of unexpected joy from manic finger snapping, competitive spinning, and non-stop athleticism. Don’t be fooled by the title, One Night Only happens seven times a week and they’ll be making up the rules as they go.
Following The Museum Workout, which led audience members on a choreographed workout routine in the hallowed halls of The Met and became the hottest ticket in town – Monica Bill Barnes & Company now joins forces with WP Theater in association with New Neighborhood for One Night Only (running as long as we can). Known for bringing dance where it doesn’t belong, this company makes its Off-Broadway debut with this hilarious and heartbreaking new show celebrating the ephemeral nature of everything, including our own abilities.
  • WATCH – Video Preview of ONE NIGHT ONLY!