Lab Application

“I would not have the career I do, I would not have fulfilled my dream of becoming a full time dramatic writer, without the support of the WP Lab.”

-Laura Eason, WP Playwrights Lab Alum, Award-Winning Playwright and Screenwriter


Applications are closed for the 2018-2020 Lab

WP Theater is looking for early career women+ playwrights, directors, and producers who crave an artistic home, professional support, and the resources to launch them into the next phase of their careers to join the WP Lab.

The Lab provides up to fifteen artists with community, a vital professional network, entrepreneurial and leadership training, free rehearsal space and, most significantly, tangible opportunities for the development and production of bold new work for the stage.

Applications for the 2020-2022 Lab will open in early December 2019.



For further clarification of Requirements for Eligibility, please see the Frequently Asked Questions section below.


All materials will be reviewed by a panel of theater professionals. Finalists will be notified in the spring 2018 and asked to interview in the summer 2018. The 2018-2020 Lab will begin in September 2018.

For further clarification of materials required for application, please see the Frequently Asked Questions Section below.




What kind of conflicts would make me ineligible?

We accept that every artist will wind up missing one or two meetings, but if you know now that you will be away for more than three weeks in total in during the lab dates, you should not apply.  Applicants should view the program as a two-year-long commitment and we will only accept applicants who can take full advantage of the program.

I’m not available for an in-person interview—may I still apply?

If you are unavailable for an in-person interview or have a limited conflict in regards to attending biweekly meetings, please make note of such conflicts in your application. We will try to accommodate such situations on a case-by-case basis.

When will the monthly meetings be held?

We will provide a schedule of meetings for finalists at the interview, so you need not worry about this question at the application stage.

If I am selected for the group and then my eligibility status changes, would I be automatically suspended from the program?

No, we will handle this situation on a case-by-case basis. Please do not let such a concern keep you from applying.

What kind of resume should I submit?

Your resume should list all readings, workshops or productions. Your resume should also include any other relevant theater experience.

If I can’t decide between two plays or have an additional writing sample that I am very proud of, may I include more than one play with my application?

No, we only read one play per applicant, so please only submit one writing sample.

May I send in music along with the book of my musical?

Please do, and give credit to the composer and lyricist.

Is there an age limit? Are you looking for young writers?

No, there is no age limit and we would be glad to admit a talented artist of any age into the program.  The program is meant to support early career artists, but artists may begin their careers at any age.

Will you let me know that you received my application?

Yes, we will email you once we have processed your application.

May I follow-up with you about my application status?

Yes, please email

If I have had some contact with a WP staff member, would it be better to contact them directly with my question rather than write to

No, please write to, but feel free to mention any contact with a WP staff member in your email.

Thank you for your interest in the WP Lab—we look forward to your application!